More time means more focus on impactful campaigns. It also creates room for the small details to shine through your fundraising efforts. Overall, refocusing your time makes a world of difference to supporters and beneficiaries. 

We’re here with time-saving hacks that any fundraising professional can appreciate to help you reach your full strategic and creative potential. 

It is important for the good governance of your charity that you record your decision and the reasons for it.

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If your governing document does not allow you to postpone or cancel meetings you should use any power in your governing document to communicating about new fundraising opportunities, campaign launches, or appreciation for your donors doesn’t have to consume your entire day to be effective. Lean into email templates that make meaningful outreach possible, even when you’re short on time.

Automate Email Templates to Reach More Donors

Another way to avoid starting from scratch when writing an email is to gain inspiration from your favorite consumer brands. With some language tweaking, you can create unique templates for your organization based on just about any email you’ve received and replicate what you loved about it.

If you do consider such a decision is necessary, you should follow any rules in your charity’s governing document that allow for postponement or cancellation.

Create Year-Round Fundraising Campaigns

Campaign start and end dates create limitations. Sometimes they’re necessary, but there’s a lot of benefit to releasing time constraints. Continue to generate income, diversify your fundraising portfolio, and keep supporters engaged with your mission.

  • A main donation website gives any visitor the option to take action, wherever and whenever they’d like, with compelling content and a simple payment process
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising helps provide loyal supporters with everything they need to fundraise on your behalf and attract new donors all year long

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