There’s a first time for everything, and that includes creating your first crowdfunding campaign (if that’s you, congrats!). And unless you just came out from a decade of hibernation, you probably know that the campaign itself is just the first step.

Children are hardest hit by human-induced climate change as it limits their access to essential services such as foods, shelters, and education. 

Jony Doe

What exactly do we mean by “promotion”?

While our politicians ignore the fact that current disasters are intensifying due to the climate crisis, scientists are telling us we need to do more to reduce the intensity and severity of disasters. It’s not a complex theory or speculation—statistics paint a clear picture of what the future may be like.

Shreya turns “climate warrior”

  • Is storytelling a big component of the campaign? Think of creating a embeddable photo gallery or a place to add videos, all of which can be easily viewed and shared.
  • If your site has a blog or stories section, create at least one post relevant to the campaign.

We encourage you to try one or all – but to tweak them for your specific purposes. What might work for one campaign may not work for another, and the same is true for one nonprofit versus another.

Time to listen and to act

Your nonprofit’s website is like a welcome mat. It’s usually someone’s first impression, and it should be an invitation to come in. Likewise, in the digital world, it invites the visitor to take a look around.

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