While the insights you’ll learn from below are based on organizations who saw success in their first few months using the Classy platform, here’s a snapshot of what success has also translated to for a couple other nonprofits that maximize Classy’s capabilities to engage their communities.

Finance can reconcile donations and surface insights on incoming revenue

Jeremy Lin

Applying for grants

The pandemic has quite rightly highlighted the great work undertaken by the sector but we know that at the higher governmental The first indicator of a successful nonprofit organization is the amount of time they spend on the details that bring their fundraising campaigns to life right from the start. 

  • Be on guard for a surge of solicitations related to any highly publicized crisis.
  • Do not respond to, or click on any attachments, links or pictures.
  • Beware of individuals or others claiming to be third-party intermediaries for charities or those in need.
  • Avoid name confusion by independently verifying that the charity is legitimate before you donate. 

Finding grant funding

The other important factor to note is that the virtual component of these campaign types is allowing nonprofits to reach wider audiences across the world. Virtual success is here to stay and offers you more opportunities to build campaigns you may not have had the resources for previously.

For many charities, having enough funds to meet the increased demand for their services has been a real obstacle to address. Grants in particular remain and will always be an important source of funding.

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