New infrastructure and efforts aimed at providing the basics of health care, nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene have improved conditions for the children and families who fled persecution and violence in Myanmar.

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But as the refugee crisis drags past the two-year mark, children and young people are clamoring for more than survival; they want quality education that can provide a path to a more hopeful future.

Economies of Scale

In the past two years, an immense effort by humanitarian partners including UNICEF has helped stabilize the situation for Rohingya refugees from Myanmar who are living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. But meeting their day-to-day needs is an ongoing challenge, and so is the task of providing for their longer-term needs – especially those related to education. 

Refugee children and young people are clamoring for more than survival; they yearn for quality education and the opportunity to develop skills that can provide a path to a better future.

Small charities that assist underserved populations, that are fulfilling an unmet need, or that are new or in the process of scaling up to a larger size may still be worthy of donors’ support despite CharityWatch’s inability to rate them due to this comparability issue.

Rohingya children and young people want more than survival

  • Reserve stand-by ambulance and first responders
  • Prepare first aid kits and supplies
  • Reserve portable toilets 
  • Order T-shirts and race bibs

This UNICEF advocacy alert details the challenges mentioned above and efforts to address them, noting that the ultimate solution to the crisis is the voluntary and safe return of Rohingya refugees to their former communities in Myanmar. 

The report calls on the Government of Myanmar to establish conditions that would allow such a return as soon as possible. It also calls on the Government of Bangladesh and the international community to ensure that Rohingya refugee children and young people have access to the full range of rights and opportunities afforded to them by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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